Thursday, September 12, 2002

Nice end to a summers work

click here for a larger imageI can't believe how well everything has grown here, the soil is light and sandy with a ph 6-7 and a high potash level, I will be putting well rotted manure on in the autumn so that should get some more nutrients into the soil.

click here for a larger imageThis is one of my favorite views back to the house, the bog garden has done extremely well for 6 months old. We decided to make it larger than originally intended as I kept finding plants that suited the conditions so well, and we just have to have them don't we..

click here for a larger imageThe oldest child started on the veg garden with great enthusiasm, although he didn't realize it had been a hard standing some time in the past, so the soil in parts was less than 6", he did grow some amusing carrots. Half way through the season the weeding got too much and child No 2 then took over with very good intentions.

click here for a larger imageAlways an interesting view to see how much change has gone on in the first 6 months of the making of this garden. I think the grass needs cutting yet again.