Friday, April 09, 2004

Spring is definitely here.

click here for a larger imageLilies are starting to erupt everywhere now, they looked stunning last year when they were put in late, so hopefully being in a year they have multiplyed amazingly, hemerocallis are appearing everywhere, and the lupins and delphiniums are putting on masses of greenery.

click here for a larger imageSome colour in the main borders other than green! Hyacinths, I think, blue sky jacket, the smell is lovely.

The euphorbias in the foreground looking towards the blue/purple section of the main borders.

click here for a larger imageThe tree shadow was so clear today, I just thought it made an interesting photo.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Grass is getting greener.

click here for a larger imageThings are definately starting to happen in the garden, its getting greener, the borders have considerable new growth in them and I am mowing the lawn once a week already.

Quite a lot of new growth down this end of the garden too. I've planted a lot of new roses and clematis down by the bottom wall to get growing up the fence work. It might take a year or two to get established but hopefully it will soon be covered.

So much colour in this bed still, I'm waiting for a lot more spring bulbs to come into flower, the daffs in the bed behind have not done too well this year, I suspect this is being commercial throw outs (for mothersday) they did not have time to die down naturally, so this year they will be left for six weeks, so hopefully they will bloom like mad next year.

click here for a larger imageThese are my £2/or free bargin shrubs. As the boys still like playing football I've decided I can't take over the back garden yet. So as a compromise I am just planting shrubs and substantial plants. They have asked for some paths to run round in, like in the front, but they will need to establish for a year or so to get the desired effect.