Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Even More Snow.

click here for a larger imageWe've had even more snow today, totally un-forcast(whats new)! We had more than yesterday, about 10" in all. Traffic has been very slow moving on the main road.

click here for a larger image It started snowing at 7.20am and continued until about 5pm. Of course the children were delighted, 2 days off to play in the snow.They've managed to make a roof for their igloo, so thats kept them busy for the best part of the day.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

They Got it Right for a Change !

The snow fell as predicted overnight and by the morning was about 6" deep, the most we've seen in our 5 years here. The children have the day off school so are busy building an igloo in the field. The pond that has been frozen for the past 5 days is the only clear area.

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The view from the field across the river. The chinchilla's seem to be absolutely fine in their avairy. We put some clear plastic on one side to protect them from the rain and they were bounding around their cage this morning when I went out to feed them.
We had over 14 long tailed tits on the feeders this morning. They are regular visitors to the garden and we had over 30 at one time last summer.
The conifer woods looked impressive with the snow too, although great lumps of snow were regularly falling off the branches on to us below.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Sunny days in the garden

click here for a larger imageI didn't think I had done much out on the raised circle, but judging by the photo I reckon I've worked quite hard..good job the weather is so nice at the momment, I've been working in a t-shirt for a couple of days. I've filled in too much of the circle with poor soil from other parts of the garden, so the back area that I'm still digging out will be going down to raise some of the beds back up to a respectable level. I've got some more bargain daffodils from the GC recently so will be planting them in some of the new beds.

click here for a larger imageAnother view of the circle with the new ponds at the bottom. I tried the new pump out again because the top pond has leaked and I'd had a go at sorting out the problem but hadn't filled it back up again. Hopefully it will work this time, I have to wait 24hrs to see though. I've now got 5 levels in the garden, the top one by the lane is planted with daffodils, but I'm hoping to level it out a little bit and try and get the mower up there in the summer so we can use it.

click here for a larger imageThis is the veg plot !! Well it will be next year, perhaps it might even get started this, as I'd really like to start growing our own. I'm going to move the nursery beds from the gravel area and add to them round here. I might move the polytunnel too as it doesn't make a nice entrance to the garden for those coming in over the stream, but I'll then have to get a new cover for it, so it all adds up in money and work, but perhaps I'll save a lot by growing our own veg ?? I'd obviously then have to do something with the entrance to the garden, so I think that can be on next winters list of things to do.